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Posted By: Sorcha
02-Jun-04 - 08:03 PM
Thread Name: Sorch is Home!
Subject: RE: Sorch is Home!
Yes, Jon. Thanks for the correction. Yes, I'll be back. Yes, I did get my 'long' hair cut. And, for those of you who don't get my humor, No, of course it was not really Micca's fault I got drunk and missed dinner on my first day there.

He went out for beer and bread. Came back with beer, no bread. Couldn't get close to the bakery. He had about 4 different kinds of beer....kept saying, Oh, try this. Of course I did. I don't turn down beer. Then there was the sherry. Dinner kept getting later and later due to unforseen circumstances. I had not had anything to eat for at least 12 hrs and I was finally poured into bed. Apparently, I fell out of bed several times, was smacked on the head with one of Khatt's gazing balls, went downstairs in my jumper and knickers (and was sent back to bed...) All I had to show for it the next morning was a sore eye. It didn't even swell or turn colours for several days. No hangover to speak of. I think it was the sherry even though the glasses were very small. I had a lovely black eye for about 2 weeks. I lived. The stone gazing ball lived. I apologized to Khatt for missing dinner.