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Posted By: Teribus
03-Jun-04 - 05:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
akenaton - 29 May 04 - 07:56 PM

"Regarding womens rights here in the West. I feel women have lost more than they have gained under our kind of "freedom"

So is dismissed the greatest accomplishment of the twentieth century - the emancipation and empowerment of women. The flooding into the political, social and economic sectors of life of all that previously untapped energy, talent and promise.

Mind you, from someone who yearns to be cast back to Stone Age - What else would you expect.

Little Hawk,
Far from driving me nuts, I find it highly amusing that someone who posts so much about a place cannot even be bothered to learn the correct spelling of the place they are talking about.

Oh, by the way, your afirmed belief that the US established the Taliban - Simply NOT TRUE. Assisted them yes, established them NO there is a difference, quite a marked one at that.