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Posted By: Teribus
03-Jun-04 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
"Of course I would not like to be sent back to Stone Age,but I see that time as the golden age of humanity,when we were really free.
Free to enjoy the natural gifts of life,without all the filth of politics, religion or any other form of manipulation"

Well then Ake, that is contrary to what you said you desired in another of your posts (can't off hand remember which thread).

But for the remainder, you seem to look back at that time from a certain perspective. What you say about that age is of course perfectly correct - Provided you were the male of the tribe who was big enough, strong enough, and clever enough, with the ability to weald his club faster, more accurately and more often than anyone else - in other words the Boss/Clan Chief/Pack Leader call it what you will - TRUE????

If on the other hand, you were just one of the other Oiks, you would experience precious little humanity or freedom. The natural gifts of life and nature that would be thrown your way would be those encountered during your allotted chores. Aplenty you would experience the sharp end of all the filth of politics and religion having been manipulated from cradle to the grave. I believe that being one of the Oiks in those times meant doing exactly as the "Leader" told you to do, and if some god, or other, required a sacrifice and you had no captives from some other family - Ake, ol' buddy, as one of the Oiks, your name would be in the hat - Not the "Leaders".