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Posted By: akenaton
03-Jun-04 - 12:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
Subject: RE: BS: Iraqi women and the Koran
McGrath as usual makes, the point very well.
Teribus, although there is some truth in what you say ,I would remind you, that you, are looking back from the perspective of the present day, through the mists of conditioning that we have been fed over the last few hundred years.
That conditioning contains the need for a woman to "fulfill her self" through becoming a cog in the capitalist treadmill...What a con!!!
Anyway as you appear to be a "leader",as opposed to an Oik like me ,
I suggest you get your big club out and get some practise in before Osamas's boys arrive.
Start with Doug and Martin,and keep everybody happy....Ake