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Posted By: GUEST,Art Thieme
03-Jun-04 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs about the Kennedy assassination
Subject: RE: Kennedy Assassination
McGrath, Hello--

Yes, there really is that much difference between the man in the office of president of the USA and one who just wants that post. It's like the Queen Bee as opposed to just a very good worker bee. And it is also very difficult to imagine the very real affection Americans felt for JFK----especially now---after Nixon and Watergate, and Johnson and Viet Nam, and Reaganomics, and Bush's assault on the things that made others look up to American ideals -- if not Americans. And the monumentally huge and insane mob action onslaught of people who crucified Bill Clinton just for sayin', "No, dad, I never had sex with her." But there really was a huge spontaneous outpouring of emotion that people needed to "get out"---and so all these songs. Bobby was promise---but JFK was like having Cary Grant in the White House. (That's interesting---another Kerry !!! History DOES repeat I guess. It just costs twice as much every time around.) ;-) Bobby did have promise---but he was no John Kennedy.