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Posted By: Bob Bolton
07-Jun-04 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Good Old Concertina (Lawson)
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Good Old Concertina (Lawson)
G'day Foolestroupe,

Apparently MIDItext has fallen into the "lost arts" pothole ... and Alan of Oz no longer frequents the Mudcat.

I don't know, offhand, what MIDIs I have of these tunes, but I'm in the process off abandoning a seriously undersupported MusicTime program for Finale ... and I am still learning the ropes of the new program (but CAN ... if pressed ... run up new MIDIs in MusicTime - or even learn how to get that far in Finale!).

Brighton Camp is also called The Girl I Left Behind Me (or The Waxies' Dargle ... ! ) and ought to be in there somewhere ... it was the march to which more Poms marched out to die in battle than any other! The others are copyright compositions ... but I'll supply them in a spirit of study.