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Posted By: Les from Hull
07-Jun-04 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: Bouzouki playing styles
Subject: RE: Bouzouki playing styles
By rhythmic I presume you mean strumming. So instead of strumming you can flatpick in patterns. Because of the nature of the bouzouki you can pick in an almost random way, the notes you are playing are all relevant (there are no strings you need to avoid, which might be the case with guitar). It's also useful to find ways of moving between chords you use a lot, like D to G for instance.

You can combine this with hammering on and pulling off. And like a lot of things with music, take it slowly at first. Of the various tunings in use on the bouzouki, I find GDAD very useful, especially for playing in the key of D, of course. With a capo you can use the same techniques in different keys.

I didn't know there were tutors. I'm crap at learning from a book anyway.