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Posted By: Big Mick
03-Oct-99 - 08:28 PM
Thread Name: The Haggis season - when does it start?
Subject: RE: The Haggis season - when does it start?
Nope, kat, because Eire was known as Scotia long before it was known as Eire. And Scotland was known as Caledonia. After a time, Scotia became known as Eire, and Caledonia became known as Scotia. Eventually, in the English speaking world, Eire Land became Ireland, and Scotia Land became Scotland. I am sure the scholars out there will point out some corrections to my telling, but in the main, it is factual.

And by the way, that is my people always say that we gave the Scots the bagpipes and never told them the joke...LOL...Double by the way, we also invented whiskey. The Scots have been making a fair version of it, but if ye want the stuff by the folks who invented it, you will have to drink Irish Whiskey. May I suggest Jamesons premium label?
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Big Mick whoisgoingtoreceivedeaththreatsforstartingthisbitofthreadcreepwhentheScotsgetupinafewhours.