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Posted By: John P
09-Jun-04 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Bouzouki playing styles
Subject: RE: Bouzouki playing styles
One thing I do a lot is to play what is basically a countermelody made up of notes from the chords with transition notes between them. A simple example: for a chord pattern that is Am, G, Em, Am, G, Em, I might play a series of descending runs, like starting on a high A note at the beginning of the Am chord and running down: A, G, E, D, C, A. And then when the G chord starts go back up high and play a descending run: G, E, D, C, B. Then maybe for the Em chord, play a run the descends and then ascends: E, D, B, D, E, G. And then you're back at the high A note for the next Am chord. The hard part is actually thinking of the countermelody you want, one that will suit the feel you like for the song.

Another thing to try is playing an ascending or descending bass line that follows the chord pattern, then finding other bits of the chord to play along with that in some arpeggiated or cross-picked pattern. To use the same chord pattern as that above, you might have a bass line that ascends from a low A: A on the Am chord, B, C, D on the G chord, E, F, G, on the Em chord. And then descend again: A, G, E on the Am chord, D, C on the G chord, B, A, G on the Em chord, and then back up to A to start it over again.

Have fun!

John Peekstok