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Posted By: j0_77
04-Oct-99 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Rick's Radio show Kaput (for now)
Subject: RE: Rick's Radio show Kaput (for now)
Thanx Rick - and pulease go the road this takes you on - like the Yellow Brick Road, it will go to better things. Right now what is happening on the internet is ending a long period of population conditioning by various groups. The News Papers had for a long time been the Gaurdians of truth, sadly that is not true anymore.

As hardware permits ever increasing data speeds Net Media will take over a great deal of what used be provided by Corporate sources. Also the cost of providing a service is declining by 1000's of %.

Rick your show will get more not less listeners as a Net Show.

BTW While the Soap Box is out - when a show is posted be sure to provide a file download option. Also be aware that bandwidth prevents good transmission of Video - in most cases 56k on an average line is ok for the audio but not enough for the Video stream.

A lot of messages here say 'I can't get the Realplayer to play a clip properly' Typical stuff is delays - caused by net congestion or a badly encoded file - bad quality - etc. Have tried and like the download option - it permits a clean download using Smart Download (Netscape) and an uninterupted show. For now it is the way to go.