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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
12-Jun-04 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: Nashville Numbering System
Subject: RE: Nashville Numbering System
Sorry, Murray,
You've missed the boat.

You can make up any rules you want that are different to existing established systems - look up Strindberg & Schoenberg, and 'twelve tone music', and make up your own Music Theory, but you can't rewrite existing systems whenever you feel like it.

The Numerical Numbering Chart (Roman Numeral) as I was taught appears to be different to the Nashville Numbering System as you are trying to explain it. I don't care about the Nashville system - the few songs that I have got alleging to be in the Nashville system seem to be notated assuming the same assumptions as the Roman Numeral system I was trained on.

That system (and not the system you are describing) works on a Piano Accordion (first designed in the 1880's according to Bob Bolton) Stradella Bass & and a Guitar Neck, and will also work on any similar stringed instrument.

"Triads are formed by taking any given note in the scale as a root note, then adding the third and the fifth note following the root note in the scale. Thus, in the scale of C major, the notes of the scale are etc"

You are wrongly assuming that the Roman Numbering system (which is all I care about) in a particular scale uses those numbers and then builds chords WITH ONLY NOTES FROM THAT EXISTING SCALE - maybe the Nashville System does (I wouldn't know!), but - as I said - I don't care. The System I was formally taught uses the bass note number from that scale, and then builds appropriate Major triad chords in the Major scale using the proper Major intervals (you thus end up with notes out of that Major or Minor scale!); pro-rata for the Minors - it's called 'MODULATION'.

You should get a guitarist who plays lots of barre chords to explain why when you run up the neck in a Major or Minor Key (the way the Roman System works) you can ONLY get respective Major or Minor Triads, since I won't be contributing anywhere near as much to Mudcat in future - I'll just be a leech sucking down info others have placed here. I just dropped back here to briefly explain why you are on the wrong path.