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Posted By: Leadfingers
13-Jun-04 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
Subject: RE: Help: WWII & Brit'Cat Musical Quesions
I might be a bit late with this but Reginald Dixon (Organist) is NOT
the same bloke as Reg Dixon (Comedian) whose sig tune was the queried Confidentially .His catch phrase wa "I'm only here for Five Minutes'

I'm Gonna Get Lit Up was composed by Hubert Grieg (composer of I belong to London) who died earlier this year.

And I will go along with Bebe Daniels as the singer , NOT Phoebe. She
was American and spent the later years of the war and the rest of the Forties in London with her husband Ben Lion - They had a BBC Radio Programme - Life with the Lions through into the fifties.

Hang Out The Washing was of course a first war song revived by F & A

Sam Browne was the vocalist with a number of top dance bands in UK in the thirties and forties .