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Posted By: GUEST,John (at studio)
15-Jun-04 - 06:34 AM
Thread Name: ANN: Julie Ellison - new CD out 7th June
Subject: RE: ANN: Julie Ellison - new CD out 7th June
Track 11 is "Waiting for a miracle". Most people think its called "All men are bastards" and I think it probably was called that originally.

As the sleeve notes explain, this track and the closing (and title) track "At Last" represent two sides of the same emotions. The two tracks are very much a pair - anger, frustration and bitterness on one hand and sadness merging with freedom on the other.

Julie was pretty keen to not release "Waiting for a miracle", but so many people encouraged her to do so that it ended up on the album. Personally I was blown away by it when I first heard it (this track was recorded by Keith Angel so I didn't hear it in anything but its finished form). When you realise that the guitar and vocal were recorded together it is even more impressive.

I guess it is more Alanis Morrisette than is normal in the folk world. We were a little tense while we waited for the feedback from the inital sales, but so far nobody has even mentioned it. The response has been 100% positive - I must admit to being unprepared for the letters arriving thanking us for making the CD - I can get quite emotional reading the morning post!

Having said that, we should have probably expected more broad minded attitudes in the folk world. Julie was asked to play "Waiting for a miracle" in a session once and received an offer from a couple of guys which included "anything you want from the allotment". Luckily for me she didn't accept !!

Best regards
John Robinson