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Posted By: Dale Rose
10-Sep-97 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Goodbye Liza Jane
Subject: Lyr Add: MISS LIZA, POOR GAL
The whole Liza Jane family of songs could probably make a good thesis. Here is another great old Liza song~~Miss Liza, Poor Gal as done by the Tenneva Ramblers on August 4, 1927. If the date sounds familiar, it is because that was the date of the famous Bristol sessions. The Tenneva Ramblers and Jimmie Rodgers were preparing to record, but they had a disagreement over whether to call the group the Tenneva Ramblers or the Jimmie Rodgers Entertainers. I guess you could say that the Ramblers "won" that little battle, but Jimmie Rodgers went in to record by himself, and the rest, as they say, is history. This is taken from the album, The Tenneva Ramblers, Puritan 3001, released in 1972. Your chances of finding a copy are slim, but if you do find one, it is worth the effort, as it contains some fine old time songs.

Miss Liza, Poor Gal

Oh, Miss Liza, poor gal, oh, miss Liza Jane,
Oh, Miss Liza, poor gal, ?too late to catch the train?.

I went to see Miss Liza, Miss Liza wasn't at home,
Her old man took the broomstick and dragged it o'er my bones.

That's it. repeat it as many times as you feel like it. The song is primarily a fiddle/banjo piece, with instrumental breaks after every two lines. Their version repeats the first two lines four times, and the second two lines three times. As far as the too late to catch the train phrase is concerned, I am pretty certain that is not right, but even after more than 20 years of listening to the song, I still can't tell. I guess this could qualify for mistakes made while listening to songs.