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16-Jun-04 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Dont mix it with these chaps....
Subject: RE: BS: Dont mix it with these chaps....
another true story told to me by a good friend who served as a training/selection oficer with the Ghurkas.

Out in the jungle one night on exercise the group was awakened by a scream of disgust.
One Ghurka was dancing around the camp a blood dripping Kukri in hand. When asked what had happened he pointed to the two halves of a very large snake. He explanined he was having a strange dream and seemed to be suffocating. He woke up to find he was being swallowed by the snake. His head was just in its mouth as was his arm. So he did the obvious thing took out the kukri and cut off the snake just past the end of his hand and then prised the snake of his head and arm which was covered in digestive juices of the snake.

Now that what I call a nightmare!