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Posted By: Áine
16-Jun-04 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 97
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 97
Wow! I'm impressed by all of the offerings for this Challenge! I see it's time I got to throwing out the B.L.O.B.s, so here goes ;-)

To Amos, for this wonderful chorus:

But now I see how it's gotta be
       Now I find myself sorry I defied
       The cop who warned me not to
       Reveal the Great Divide

To C-flat, for this unforgettable toe-tapper:

Jimmy's crack's showing and he don't care
Jimmy's crack's showing and he don't care
if he keeps showing his pubic hair
He's going to go to jail!

To DonD, for this fantastic double entendre filled verse:

Oh, folks are split, that's at the bottom of it,
About this legislative decision.
No ifs, ands or butts, some say it's nuts
To make an issue of the division.
Sweat rolls down your back
Into your crack in the Delta's steamy weather;
I hope we'll be free to always see
Where the two halves come together.

To MMario, for this newly penned classic:

When the moon shines under your waistline
Every glimpse brings a dream, dear, of you
And oh! as you stroll, how your gluteus rolls!
And sweat beads your valley like dew.

To Paranoid Android for this bit of bullish bull:

You will be strip searched and your name besmirched and your pubes sent to the lab
And a picture of your cheeks will be displayed for weeks on Weightwatchers wall of flab.

And to Genie, for this genius of rollicking rhyme:

The ACLU and Martiny say taste's not legislatable.
"Hey! Haul 'em up! Well, haul 'em up, Joe."
If guys can't ogle real life chicks, they'll turn to the inflatable!
"Hey! Haul 'em up! Well, haul 'em up, Joe."

Way to go, Challenge!rs -- Your collective wit and talent never cease to amaze!!

-- Áine