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Posted By: Peace
21-Jun-04 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dont mix it with these chaps....
Subject: RE: BS: Dont mix it with these chaps....
Google this: "The War Room - Unleash the Gurkhas"

I took a full-year history course when I was in university; The History of Human Conflict. I had read about war and warfare my whole life, and I came from a family that served and has served throughout its history. (I am not a pro-war person, and I went to jail for a few evenings while protesting the Vietnam War in the US). The professor was a retired Colonel of the Royal Marines, and he was a character. (I found it very interesting that so many of my instructors at university were ex or reserve military people. Blows away the notion that soldiers are stupid. (Another of my profs was a Lt. Commander in the Canadian Navy--Res., and he taught courses on Shakespeare. He could quote and quote and quote. Loved his class, too.) However . . .

If memory serves, when the SAS were in Oman (Battle of Mirbat), there were some Gurkhas with them. (I may have the battle wrong, but in essense the story is as was told to us in school by a man whom I believe.) The ROE (rules of engagement) were such that they were not allowed to shoot unless they were shot at first. To get the battle going, because the Gurkhas were getting restless, I understand that one of them stood atop a wall and exposed himself to the Omani troops. That was perceived as a mortal insult to the Omanis, and they took numerous shots at him. My professor said the Gurkha troop was wounded (flesh wound), but he got up and did it again while the battle raged. I don't know about you, guys and gals, but they are remarkable people. Would that England served them as well as they have served England.

Bruce M