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Posted By: LaMarca
10-Sep-97 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Serving Girl's Holiday
Oh, good - since I see that Bruce, the possessor and reference librarian of all obscure folk reference works in our area is now a regular, I will re-post this to the top and hope that maybe he (or someone else new) has the info I'm looking for. The words I have for this song are:


I've waited longing for today,
Spindle, bobbin and spool away,
In joy and bliss I'm off to play
On this high holiday


The dirt upon the floor's unswept,
The fireplace isn't cleaned or kept,
I haven't cut the rushes, yet
Upon this high holiday.Chorus

The milk into the pails must go,
I ought to spread this bowl of dough
, It clogs my nails and fingers so
As I knead (need?...) this high holiday!Chorus

The cooking (pans? hams?) must be brought in
I'll tie my kerchief under my chin;
Darling Jack, lend me a pin
To fix me well this holiday.Chorus

And when we stop along the track
At the inn, this Sunday, Jack,
We'll whet my whistle and pay my whack
As on every holiday.Chorus

Repeat first verse and chorus

Transcribed from "Summer Solstice", Maddy Prior and Tim Hart