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22-Jun-04 - 11:53 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Subject: RE: Folklore: Where is Dixie
Since Dixie is under discussion here can anyone identify or shed any light on a snippet of the song below I knew as a child from a gramophone record in my grandmothers collection. It must date from the 1930`s-1940`s.
"When I see the smoke arising from that little old chimney pot
And mixing with the green leaves on the tree.
I guess I`ll start a-running and I know I`ll never stop
Till I fall down by that cabin on my knees

I`m going back, going back, oh happy days
I`m gonna see my Dinah and baby there
I`ll never leave Old Dixie Land again

"Yodelling Chorus"

All help gratefully recieved,
Ta, John