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Posted By: JohnInKansas
23-Jun-04 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: Another best songs list
Subject: RE: Another BEST SONGS List
I guess I haven't followed the "What is Folk" threads closely enough. I never thought of "Anonymous" being the only one who could create something folk.

I sort of figured that anything that was well enough known to the people of place and an era to be called common knowledge, and that was passed on by being used and known would probably be included.

Too deep a problem for me. I'm liable to start worrying about the "Venus de Milo" no longer being good art because we found out who whittled her out.

My thought here was only that these are very well known songs, and might be useful for those who want a few "variety" samples to include in their selection. Those several people who play for retirement homes and hospitals, as one example, could probably be safe in using almost any of the older ones, although some of us old fogeys might not recognize a a few of the more recent ones.

While we know better here, in a lot of crowds you could probably work up a good debate about whether "Ol' Man River" is "old gospel" or just "trad." (I've heard that debate, although some of the participants needed a couple of bricks for a full load.)