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Posted By: GUEST
23-Jun-04 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
Subject: RE: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
Not all of us independents believe there are no differences between Democrats and Republicans, we just believe the differences are superficial, rather than substantial, and that the net effect, in the end, is the same regardless of whether the policy is a red or blue hue, branded with a donkey or an elephant, or labelled Republican or Democrat.

And of course that view makes us different from Republicans and Democrats, who think there are huge differences between their parties and their partisan politics. Some of us are just plain sick to death of that partisanship, and want to see some people in Washington who put their country before their ideological and party loyalties.

But the different ways of perceiving the differences between Democrats and Republicans is the essence of what makes us truly independent, non-partisan voters, and everyone else a partisan Democrat or a partisan Republican.