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Posted By: Bobert
24-Jun-04 - 10:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
Subject: RE: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
I don't want to broker with you anyway, GUEST, as if I have the correst GUEST, you like in Texas anyway. That is the one safe state for Nadarites to find Kerry Dems and do the awap with them to vote for Kerry in their own state...

I see nothing wrong with Nadar getting every last vote he can and this is one way to insure it. It also works toward getting Bush out. No, not that Kerry is that much better but I think if Nadar were to get 5% nationally with brokered votes then in '08 he, or someone with his values, would have credibility and perhaps be included in the debates and get some funding...

But if there isn't a movement then a lot of folks who would have liked their Nadar voice to be heard will vote Kerry and we'll be looking at 2-3% again....