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Posted By: GUEST,Frankham
24-Jun-04 - 11:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
Subject: RE: BS: Ralph Nader chooses running mate
There are substantial differences between Dems and Repubs.
How about the evidence? The country under Clinton was a far difference place for most people.

There was grant money for the arts.

Al Quaeda was being addressed by Clinton. A foiled plot to blow up LAX International Airport. Others as well.

Bush was not asleep at the switch before 911. He just didn't care. FBI reports are coming out now showing laxity. He blames the lack of information he received on others. He didn't want to know.

The deficits being brought down do affect the way Americans live. High deficits mean economic deprivation down the line.

The UN inspections were working until Bush called them to a halt. Clinton wouldn't have done that.

Janet Reno may have misstepped in Waco but nothing like Ashcroft's Draconian measures trampling on the Bill of Rights.

When did the US decide not to be a member of the Geneva Conventions? Not under Clinton.

Torture and abuse scandals are a little more critical than Monica's dress stains.

Another four years of Bush will have devastating effects on the US and Nader should know that, if he cares.