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Thread Name: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
Subject: RE: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
No images of the song in the Bodleian Firth b.27(315).
There are many versions of "Fond Affection," "Go and Leave Me," etc. Here are the Spiers-Boden lyrics from their website. It puts more weight on wealth than most versions. Go and Leave Me


Once I loved with fond affection
All her thoughts they were of me
Until a dark boy did persuade her
Now she thinks no more of me.

For now she's happy with another
One that has great gold in store
Well I, poor boy, left broken hearted
I'm left alone becuse I'm poor.

So go and leave me, if you wish, love
Never let me cross your mind
If you think I'm so unworthy
Go and leave me, I don't mind.

Many's the day with you I've rambled
Many was the night with you I've spent.
I've always thought you were mine forever
Now I know you were only lent.

Many's the night when you lie sleeping
Dreaming in your sweet repose
Well I, poor boy, lie broken hearted
Listening to the wind that blows.


So here's a ring that first you gave me
When our hearts they were entrined
Give it to that dark haired laddie
He'll never know that it once was mine.

Chorus x2

The next one is possibly one of the antecedents. The theme is common; it is hard to separate the songs.

Mrs. Alsop, arr. M. Clifton, 1824

And since you leave me, And thus deceive me
No scene can give me relief from pain
My only lover has proved a rover
All joy is over, My tears are vain.

Then go forever, Yet though we sever
Alas, I never can wish you ill
While life is dearest, And joy is nearest,
Then Felix dearest, I love thee still.

Caressed, caressing,
My joy, my blessing,
Thy love possessing,
I thought thee true;
The vision lasted,
But scarcely lasted,
When all was blasted,
False youth by you.

When joy abounded,
My harp I sounded,
Each note resounded,
My heart to show;
But now the measure,
That spoke of pleasure,
Has only leisure,
For notes of woe.

Then go forever,
Yet though we sever,
Alas I never
Can wish you ill.
While life is dearest,
And joy is nearest,
Then Felix dearest,
I love thee still.

Oh, Felix, you cat! "An Irish Melody." Printed by G. Willig, Baltimore, MD, 1824. From Levy Sheet Music Collection. And Since You Leave Me

Somewhat more recent-

The Carter Family

Once I loved your fond affection,
All my hopes on you was spent.
Till a dark eyed girl persuaded
And you cared no more for me.

Go on and leave me if you wish to,
Never let me cross your mind.
In your heart you love another,
Never on earth will call you mine.

Yodel-ay-ee-oh, lay-ee-ay, oh-lay-ee.

When I'm dead and in my coffin,
And my pale face toward the sun;
Will you come and sit beside me,
And think of what you have done.

Chorus plus yodel.

When I'm dead and in my coffin
And the shroud around me bound;
Will you come and scatter roses
Upon your lover's mound.

Chorus and yodel.

Other versions in Max Hunter (posted somewhere), Brown, etc.