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Posted By: rechal
11-Sep-97 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: Songs to sing with Children
Subject: RE: Songs to sing with Children
The version I learned of that call/response song when I was a kid went:


Vee vye.

Vee vye voh.


Oh, no no, no not da vista.

Essa-meeny salla-meeny ooh walla-walla-meeny.
Essa-meeny salla-meeny ooh walla-wah.

EEESH-biddley otten-dotten bo-bo be-deeten-dotten.
EEESH-biddley otten-dotten wah-dotten-CHEW.

Then I heard this version of it on the 2nd Sharon, Lois and Bram record:


Flea fly.

Flea fly mosquito.

Oh, no no, no more mosquito.

Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy, ooh I got one down my backy.

Beat that big bad bug with the bug spray.