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Posted By: rechal
11-Sep-97 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Songs to sing with Children
Subject: RE: Songs to sing with Children
Does anybody else remember a song/game/tongue twister called Piccolomini?

It involved singing the word Piccolomini over and over again, faster and faster until you were "out" because you stumbled over Piccolomini. The tune seems like it should be familiar, but I can't think of what it might be.

Anyway, it's much more difficult than it sounds, because the lyric structure, even though it's just one word, is complex. i.e. the musical phrases are of varying lengths. So the "verses" look like this:

Piccolomini, piccolomini

Piccolomini, piccole!

Lomini piccolo

Mini piccolomini piccolomini pi!

Colomini piccolomini piccolo

Mini piccolomini.

Now that I have matured in years, I see what a lovely drinking song this would make.