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Posted By: GUEST,Liebenscheiss, Herr, D. Psych., Ph.D.,B.S.E.
26-Jun-04 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I haff giffen long schtudy to der poschtings of Liddle Hawk undt hiscvh ilk on disch here vhread off der Modcatt.

Undt I feel it isch imperatiff dot I advische you all about der evident dynamics of dish member.

Dish member isch deschperately in a quescht for ein Hero. Ya!! Dot is how he vill palliate undt mitigate hisch deschperate feelinks of inadequchy. But because it is heer, at der Moddcat, dot he schees hisch inadequacy moscht clearly (efteh all, whoo vould schine in Orillia??) it isch mandatory in hisch mindt that he acquire der approval of der Modkatt peersch not for himschelf -- dot isch beyond hope -- but for hisch hero-discoveries!! If he can accomplisch dot den he will settle for der reracted glory of beingk der Modkatter who brinks you disch hero.

How elsche couldt you eckshplain der obsessive repetitive perschweverant adulation of dot schilly scheisskopff Schatnewr? Or der taschteless redundant reiteration of poor, watery versches von dot Schcot fellow, McDonegal?? He MUSCHT elevate one off deshe mediocre types to recognition heer in ordter to acheive some refraction of adulation for himschelf, don't you schee? Undt it can't be anyvun too competendt for fear it vill refeal der underlying vacuity off der messenger, ya?

Scho!! Vot schould you do, you ashk?

Gently encourage him to shpeak ash himschelf only!! Ignore deshe pseudo-herrinksd. Dey are chust paper tigers, ya? Do not let him draw you into his schyndrome!!