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Posted By: GUEST,Melanie Klein
26-Jun-04 - 09:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
GUEST,Liebenscheiss, Herr, D. Psych., Ph.D.,B.S.E.

Your poschtings of Liddle Hawk's deschperate quescht for ein Hero reveal youhr own fear of da Bad Breast. Ya!! Tink backun to your earliest infantile momentz - your haff un profound ffear of do mudder's Breast. You venerate do Gut Breast, and yet haff de fundamental conflict with Da Bad Breast. Villiaume Schatner embodies di uniffication of da Bad Breast wit da Guten Breast - and thus exhempliffies da wholistic, androgenious, unified beingk, no long split or disassociated. For you, underaware off and subliminating your own inner conflict, you are threatened by those who exhibit androgenious tendencies. Now, Villiaume Schatner ist ein wunderklimpt. For those who empathize wit him, they iss da kinder off wunderklimpt.

Iff Mister Lidlle Hawke may haff to repeat himselff a liddle regarding Mr Schattner, but this iss not because he is obsessed, it iss because you are in denial. It is Liddle Hawke's obligation to challengke your stubborn reffusal to acknowledge your fundamental fear of da Bad Breast, by bringingk before you a symbol of da Unified Self, in da form of Villiaume Schhattner, and in doing so he offers you the opportunity to face reality.

Scho!! Vot schould you do, you ashk?

Examine your feelings towards da breast - both da Guten breast and da Bad Breast. See their effect and symbolism in your life. Why are you following dis long (phallic I may even say) thread? is it to run away from da Breast? and yet, dis iss da Mudder thread - despite running, you are inevitably and subbliminally drawn twoards da Mutter. You wish to unify da breasts, yet exhibit determinaschtion to pursue a usheless, phallic thread - in a cyber world, devoid of all feminine touch - avoiding da feminene, da earth. You haff performed the ultimate act of deniall, and am transferring your conflicted feelingks onto da Liddle Hawk. Is this because the name, Liddle Hawk - is threadeningk? it is Liddle (feminine, not threadeningk) and balanced (two winks)- symbolising da Two Breasts, da Guten Breast and da Bad Breast.
Liebenscheiss, examine yourself,and contemplate da two breaschts.

Melanie Klein.