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Posted By: pavane
28-Jun-04 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: Harmonica TABLATURE On-Line
Subject: RE: Harmonica TABLATURE On-Line
Actually, the HARMONY melodeon tablature can do all of this, although admittedly the graphic is not as good. I could fix that though.
You would need to define a suitable instrument in the right key.
Perhaps I will do that in the next version.

HARMONY will also indicate which notes cannot be played on the defined instrument.

HARMONY is not an online program, but if you are using its own tablature, then you don't need to go online!

HARMONY can import from (simple) MIDI files, and export to abc, so should be able to provide the abc needed for import to the harmonica program.

You should remove directives as well as comments (Directives in abc version 2 start with %%, so they look like comments anyway)