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Thread Name: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
Subject: RE: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
Answer to Go and Leave me if you wish it
Harding's Dublin Songster

Years have passed since last we parted
I was then so gay and free
I now return love broken-hearted
And hope we yet might happy be
I was not happy with another
For I loved you more and more
It was her gold and silver bought me
But I love you tho' you're poor

I will not go unless you wish it
I love but you although you're poor
Look up, darling, do you wish it
Say that we shall part no more

I of recall our evening rambles
Down that dear old shady lane
Through the bush and through the brambles
Ere your heart had known a pain
When your eyes were bright and sparkling
Speaking more than words could say
Oh what anguish I have known, love
Since from you I've gone astray


Oh say my darling you will marry
One who caused you so much pain
Then we will seek your parents cottage
'Twill rejoice their hearts again
The future still looks bright before us
The past we never may recall
Sunny days may yet shine o'er us
Beaming brighter for our fall


And so through life we'll go together
Look up darling, smile once more
Dry your tears and stay your grieving
For your troubles now are o'er
You yet shall see your aged parents
Sitting at their cottage door
And shall comfort them in sorrow
You will be no longer poor.

Published , like "Go and leave me", in Harding's Dublin Songster (New Series), probably late 19 C.