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Thread Name: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
Subject: RE: Origins: Go and leave me if you wish it
Many similar songs.
Lyr. Add: Thou Hast Learned to Love Another
Charles Slade, 1849

Thou hast learned to love another,
Thou hast broken every vow;
We have parted from each other,
And my heart is lonely now;
I have taught my looks to shun thee,
When coldly we have met,
For another's smile hath won thee,
And thy voice I must forget.
Oh is it well to sever
This heart from thine forever,
Can I forget thee? Never!
Farewell, farewell forever!

We have met in scenes of pleasure,
We have met in halls of pride,
I have seen thy new-found treasure,
I have gazed upon thy bride,
I have marked the timid [sic ?]
Of thy downcast, happy eye,
I have seen thee gaze upon her,
Forgetting I was by.
I grieve that e're I met thee,
Fain, fain would I forget thee,
Farewell, farewell forever!

We have met and we have parted,
But I uttered scarce a word;
Like a guilty thing I started,
When thy well-known voice I heard;
Thy looks were stern and altered,
And thy words were cold and high,
How my traitor courage faltered,
When I dared to meet thine eye.
Oh woman's love will grieve her,
And woman's pride will leave her,
Farewell, farewell forever!

Charles Slade, 1849, pub. Oliver Ditson. Also by Charles Grobe, 1857, and J. C. Beckel, 1852. Tune essentially the same as "Go and Leave..."
Also on broadsides by De Marsan and by Doyle.
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