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Posted By: katlaughing
07-Jul-04 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: Big Mick to Colorado Springs
Subject: RE: Big Mick to Colorado Springs
We survived a Close Encounter with a Reduced-Sized Bigus Mickus (looking VERY fine!) and are the better for it!

The Rick Memento reminded me of Spaw for some reason.

And, for the record, Mick is driving a red car, though Herself says it is some kind of maroon.:-) Good thing she and the lass were with him, as he drove right past us, while they waved! We were going to tease them about setting up for busking while we waited. We were on a bench in a small park to the side of the town government building. My grandson has a set of toy instruments and a darling little hat, so we set up with sticks, tamborine, and the strangest looking Morris dancer I've ever seen (pix to follow), with the hat for tips, but we'd broken up and tucked away everything just as they arrived.

The Elk Creek Mining Co. Bar & Grill is a small place with the bar separated from the eating part by a glass and wooden wall. There are only about ten booths and a few tables. The few families and couples who came there to eat got a real treat hearing Mick sing and play. Oh, man, he melted our hearts so many times. The man has a heart the size of Texas/Alaska/Michigan&Lakes&Canada, take yer pick, at least, and the stories and music come straight from his heart. But a lot of you already know that. What you may not know is that Herself and the Lass have beautiful voices, too, and the love they hold for one another and Mick comes through in a beautiful way when they chime in. My voice is really out of practice, but I was able to harmonise on a couple of choruses and it felt good. Made me realise how much I miss HearMe, etc. (Oh, and my grandson, Morgan, LOVES the Lass, flirted with her and all. She's is a sweetheart!)

There was a young man in his twenties across from us, in a booth with what looked to be his parents. He told Mick he'd just "made his birthday." Another couple danced across the floor, while yet another held hands and saw the moon and the stars in one another's eyes while Mick sang love songs. Two little boys had great big eyes and finally were brave enough to come over and *touch* the guitar while Mick helped them strum chords. My precious grandson fell asleep in my daughter's arms to the mellifluous tones of a Mick and His Larrivee. These were all "Mudcat moments," when ya know we've done good and it all comes back to THIS PLACE. Thanks for that, Mick and family.

So, they got there, finally**bg**, about 7p. Rue, Morgan, and I made it home about midnight and I really couldn't settle down to sleep until about 2a. I knew it hadn't been a dream, that it was REAL, but it sure felt like one. Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew, Mickdarlin'..for coming over the mountain. I hope you had a good time in the "waters" this morning and didn't get kicked out for *expressing* yourself, even by remote, though I am SURE Rick laughed his ass off if you did.


(I'll get some pix up in the next day or two.)