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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
08-Jul-04 - 08:46 PM
Thread Name: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Subject: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Looks like I have made the mistake of saying things like--Have you seen the film yet. At some tennis games and social events.   Bad move.

I am amazed at the virulent response by people=-=-=and---they have not even seen it.

Upon trying to discuss, merely, the technical (editing) aspects it change nothing. Virulent antipathy.

So---the point of the post.   Watch where you ask about this film since you may alienate friends---I, for one, don't give a damn. I think the numbers and the interest speak for themselves re: Dubya and this documentary. Yes, it was over the top in some things---not many though.

What I do not understand is the hatred by those have not even seen it. Some of the comments are too obscene to even repeat by some of the "blathering motormouths" I have, sadly,met.   One woman==a teacher no less told me that her son wants to make a documentary in opposition---had she seen it (NO) is her son a film-maker (NO). Do they pre-judge (YES). Is the prodigy talented as a film-maker (WHO KNOWS) SInce he is in Freshman year at College and knows nothing about editing and film making I think I can answer the query.

Bill Hahn