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Posted By: GUEST,Strick
09-Jul-04 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Subject: RE: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Sorry, need to get that cookie fixed.

"...the bin Laden family, which runs one of Saudi Arabia's biggest construction firms, has never been linked to terrorism..."

Oh, really, boys?

So everyone in that large, extended family is guity by association with Osama? There are no black sheep in your family? He's got, what 50 brothers and sisters according to the New Yorker? To quote PBS's Frontline: "The relationship between the bin Ladens and the Saudi royal family is quite exceptional in that it not simply one of business ties: it is also a relationship of trust, of friendship and of shared secrets. This is particularly the case with regard to the group's present-day leaders and the Soudairi clan." The rest of the family is in big with the Royal Family Osama wants to replace with a Islamic state. He wants to take away what made them rich and powerful. They all agree with him and are therefore linked to terrorism?

And the articles rather question the use of the phrase "close dealings" with the Bin Laden family, don't they? What is this, guilt by secondary association?