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Posted By: Nerd
09-Jul-04 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Subject: RE: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Here's an example from "Under the Hot Lights"

The movie claims that in the days after 9/11, when airspace was shut down, the White House approved special charter flights so that prominent Saudis—including members of the bin Laden family—could leave the country. [...] Not true, according to a recent report from the 9/11 panel. The report confirms that six chartered airplanes flew 142 mostly Saudi nationals out of the country, including one carrying members of the bin Laden family. But the flights didn't begin until Sept. 14—after airspace reopened.

This is not what the film claimed. It claimed that they were on one of the first planes out AFTER airspace was reopened, just what Isikoff says above.

Isikoff is also being disingenuous. By carefully wording the above distortion of what Moore said, he also ignores the fact that these Saudis were allowed special DOMESTIC charter flights while the rest of us were grounded, in order to assemble for these six flights out. So to sum up, Isikoff makes it sound as if there is a big difference between what actually happened and what he claims Moore said, when

(1) the difference is smaller than he makes it out to be


(2) Moore didn't say it anyway.

THIS is why these reactions frustrate me. It's not because I think every single statement by Moore is true. I don't. It's that these writers generally have to resort to the exact crimes they claim Moore commits--in order to even make the claim!