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Posted By: GUEST,Larry K
09-Jul-04 - 03:20 PM
Thread Name: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Subject: RE: Fahrenheit 9/11 responses
Michael Moore is a talented film maker who has created a new category of movies- "fictional documentaries".    I loved Roger and Me for its entertainment qualities.   I did not see Colunbine or Fahrenheit and have no intention of doing so.   I have have read numerous review that disect both movies.   I have also read Michael Moores response to the critisism.    When pointed out that the parents of the Colunmbine kids made sattelites and not bombs, Moore responded that they may be making bombs in the future.   Lame excuse for getting his facts wrong.

You have every right in the world to defend Michael Moore.   Howevery, you lose every shred of credibility when you defend Moore on the basis of facts.   Moore has an agenda and plays very loose with facts.   When Wesley Clark refused to distance himself from Moore, the american public rejected him.   The same will be true for Kerry if he makes the same mistake.

Moore is the poster child for the extreme left.   As such, they will support his movie.   In recent polls, liberals represent less than 20% of the country.   (either 13% or 17%- I don't remember)   Farenheit may do 100 million box office- not bad. Far less than Spider Man did in the first weekend.   And far less than the 20 million people who listen to Limbaugh every day.

I hope that every one of you goes out and touts Moore as the Democratic poster boy.   Please tie yourself to Moore's coat tails.   Kerry/Edwards (the kid/Moore   perfect together.   If your getting a photo op try to include Barbara Streisand and OJ in the picture. Other than France, I can't think of anyone America despises more.