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Posted By: mountain tyme
09-Oct-99 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: Harmony Hall of Fame
Subject: RE: Harmony Hall of Fame
I would just like to add/share with all of you that find tight "blood harmony" appealing, The DeZurik Sisters (sp?) sang on a radio show from the midwest I believe hosted by Eddy Arnold sponsored by Purina Feeds. The girls grew up singing while milking cows together. Their harmonies and speed can not be believed...even while listening to them. Because the show was sponsored by Purina Feeds the girls were asked to sing like chickens for the commercials and that they did. As a result, they became more widely known as "The Cackle Sisters." The kicker is, they not only sang tight and very fast, but they also yodeled in harmony at an incredible speed. One non-novelty tune I recommend as a good example is "The Arizona Cowboy". They made no recordings but dupes of transcriptions are available. They performed for only a short time before one sister married and the act broke up. I highly recommend to anyone fascinated by harmony to attempt hearing them at least once. You will never forget their never to be believed sound. Their harmony gives the word an entirely new meaning. I have a number of their recordings I am asked to play over and over to the amazement of many of my fellow music lovers. I'm a singer, not a speller and I can't find the spell check button...sorry. I do have MediaRingVoiz.