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Posted By: John in Brisbane
11-Jul-04 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Loose Shoes (parody of Cab Calloway)
Subject: Lyr Req: Bawdy Cab Calloway Song
I raised a rather timid thread on this subject a few years ago having heard part of it from a Kiwi fisherman. It supposedly came from Calloway's early career in the early 30's and was not intended for sensitive White consumption. The Title is 'Loose Shoes, Tight Pussy and a Warm Place to Shit' - hence my guarded request in the first instance.

I've just stumled across the following in looking for some other early songs of his:

LOOSE SHOES (Key, 77) D/act Ira Miller, S Varley Smith, P Joel Chernoff
(COMING ATTRACTIONS) Fake trailers and ads (one is for pot) are featured in yet
another obscure, dated, anything goes comedy. Invasion of The Penis Snatchers,
Skateboarders From Hell (with Betty Thomas and Mark Volman), Billy Jerk Goes
To Hell (with Tom Baker and Billy Curtis) and Return to Bacon County (with Susan
Tyrrell and Ed Lauter) are some of the (overlong) trailers. In a western spoof
(starring Sid Haig!), the cowboys are gangsters and the Indians are from India
(one is Van Dyke Parks!). Bill Murray (same year as SNL debuted) stars in a prison
movie. It ends with an imitation 30s short with somebody as Cab Calloway singing
about being happy with a "tight pussy, loose shoes and a warm place to shit." Also
with Avery Schreiber (as a pot smoking ballerina in drag), Buddy Hackett, Howard
Hesseman, Kinky Friedman, Jaye P. Morgan, Misty Rowe, Bill Zuckert (same year
as KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE) and a Woody Allen imitator. Harry Shearer and Gary
Owens were narrators. It was backed by Mel Brooks.

If I read this correctly (it is a film description, isn't it?) then the song clearly does exist. The question is - was it written for this later movie or was it truly a Calloway original.

Any further light on this would be appreciated.

Regards, John