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Posted By: Joe Offer
13-Jul-04 - 04:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Brocky Boys
Subject: ADD: Brockie Lads (Jez Lowe)
Just to be complete, I think I'll post the lyrics from the site Malcolm linked to:
Can somebody give us a more specific definition of "Brockie Lads"?
I take it that the song is somehow related to "Bedlam Boys."
-Joe Offer-

Words & Music by Jez Lowe _ LOWE LIFE MUSIC

When the Brockie Lads came back with the first days of summer,
The whole town came out to watch them pass,
In their trailers and vans full of candy rides and pleasure,
And a fond smile for each and every lass.

The Brockie lads are bad, but the Brockie Lads are bonny,
The Brockie Lads are all they've said and done,
And I never loved but once, she was the fairest of any,
But away with a Brockie Lad she's gone.

The Brockie Lads are black with the ways of the Devil,
They're just tinkers and hawkers at heart,
All their flash clothes and cars hide a fear for to settle,
Because they're born in the creaking of the cart.

And when we'd all had our fill of the racket and the rattle,
And the last time the lights had all gone down,
They packed away their wild world of painted wood and metal,
And went off to work and woo another town.