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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
13-Jul-04 - 10:39 PM
Thread Name: Freemasonry and Sword Dancing
Subject: RE: Freemasonry and Sword Dancing
It certainly makes interesting reading, but it's full of "it is said that" (by whom? we are not told) and the usual vague mentions of unnamed records that may or may not have existed and may or may not have been destroyed or "suppressed"; no evidence or supporting information, as usual, is given. Interesting that it seems to credit my own family with an early (allegedly) Islamic antecedent. I wouldn't be particularly surprised if it were true, but the argument given is not, so far, what I'd call compelling.

Engaging and likeable, and sensible enough when it deals with documented history; but to an extent the work of what the Opies used to call a "happy guesser", I suspect.

As for the original question: when folk imply connections beyond simple coincidence between Masonry and Sword dance (there have also been past discussions about Fascism and Morris, and if we've not yet had someone asking whether Thomas the Rhymer was really a victim of Alien Abduction, it can only be a matter of time), I begin to suspect bored people with nothing better to do; if not conspiracy theorists.