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Posted By: JulieF
15-Jul-04 - 05:31 AM
Thread Name: Your most recent 10 songs
Subject: RE: Your most recent 10 songs
mary - The version I sing is ( forgive the spelling)

As I came doon the water side.
There I met a shepherd lad
He rolled me gently in his plaid
And called me his dearie

Ca' the Yowes To the Knowes
Ca' them where the heather grows
Ca' them where the burnie roes
My bonnie Dearie

Will you come doon the water side
And see the waves sae sweetly glide
Beneath the Hazels spreading wide
And the moon it shines full clearly

Ca' the Yowes ......

I was brought up in so such School
My shepherd lad to play the fool
An a' the day to sit in dool
And no body to see me.

Ca' the Yowes...

You shall get gowns and ribbons neat
Caulf leather shoon upon your feet
And in my arms you'll lie and sleep
And you shall be my dearie

Ca' the Yowes.....

If you but stand by what you said
I'll go with you my shepherd lad
Any you can roll me in your plaid
And I shall be your dearie

Ca' the Yowes.....

As waters wimple to the sea
While day blinks in the lift sa hie
Til cauld clay deeth shall blin my eie
I will be your dearie

Ca' the Yowes .......