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Posted By: Frank in the swamps
14-Sep-97 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: Songs to sing with Children
Subject: RE: Songs to sing with Children
This thread has grown so long that I finally had to check it out. Last time I saw a thread grow like this was "Fantasy song circle", I went up to the mountains for a month, and by the time I came back Max had so transfigured the Mudcat I could barely recognize it. Could it be all us ol' folk junkies got hooked when we were children?

Peter T. I designate myself as Frank "in the swamps" because I currently live in Florida, and most of my QUALITY TIME is spent prowling the wetlands ( what's left). So you ain't like to find me sticking up for Rat World & Co. very often, but I do love their version of The Jungle Book. It bothers the hell out of me if I compare it to the real Jungle Book, because that has always been one of my favourite tales. I still read myself a bedtime story from it now and then, no kidding! But if you just let it stand alone.... Who can argue with Ballou groovin' with the "King of the swingers?" But the songs are a real hit with the kids, my Lady Fair and I were playing a gig one time, and a little toddler came up to us, so Jenny sez' "How about Bippety Boppety Boo?" Kid went X-ta-C on us, and my niece always wants us to play "Cruella DeVille."

rechal, I wanna know the tune to piccolomini, it looks like great fun.

My first recollection of folksong takes place in primary school, some guy with a guitar played for us, and I was outraged at the ships' captain in "The Lowlands Low" for his shabby treatment of the cabin boy, then I was all taken up with the "Henry Martin". Maybe if we all jump on the psychoanalyists couch together we'll find we ain't crazy, just "touched" as children by one of these takenforgrantedcuztheyaintno'count old songs.