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Posted By: SeanM
12-Oct-99 - 02:50 AM
Thread Name: Why can't we be friends here too? (FSGW)
Subject: Why can't we be friends here too?
OK... here goes. Little pebbles big avalanches sometimes make... or not.

I admit. I've got FSGW envy.

Somewhere amongst the threads, someone once said "well, why isn't there something like this on the west coast?"

Well, why isn't there?

And if there isn't, why can't we make one?

I'll start the excuses with me... on the condition that I'm the only one:

I don't have the experience putting this together I don't have the money to lay out for this kind of gig I don't have the contacts to get teachers out I don't really have the time

But you know what... I'd be willing to do a lot of work to make this kind of thing happen out here. Limited expertise, lack of funding, real life and music gigs intruding and all.

True, we already have the Lark in the Morning camp during the summer, but that's already sold out until 2525, by the looks of it. And I can't recall hearing about a get together like FSGW outside of that in CA, and not much beyond the Old Time Fiddler's get togethers outside of CA.

So... can we talk? Can we find out if it's possible? Or if it's already happening and I'm just deluded?

Can we be friends out here too? ;^)