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Posted By: Peace
19-Jul-04 - 09:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Korean neighbors
Subject: RE: BS: Korean neighbors
Kim Chi is a fermented cabbage. Layer of salt, layer of cabbage (bok choy), layer of salt, layer of cabbage, etc. Let sit until cabbage gets wilted. Takes 10 hours or so. Rince lots and lots in cold water--to get the salt washed off. Next, add scallions (cut up on a bias), carrot sliced very thin, garlic if you wish and lots of cayenne pepper. Put it in the fridge for a week. Eat.

There are as many kim chis as there are Italian sauces for pasta. Some kim chi isn't that hot (spicy), but some will certainly inspire your taste buds. Some will bring tears to your eyes. It is great with plain rice.

PS First time you make it, get the Korean lady to help you. Be sure to say 'kom say hom nay dah' when you're done. (It means thank you, and the spelling is phonetic.)