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Posted By: Jeri
19-Jul-04 - 09:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Korean neighbors
Subject: RE: BS: Korean neighbors
There's winter kimchee, and summer kimchee. I think the winter stuff is more fermented, but I'm not sure. It really does NOT taste fermented to me. My favorite instant soup these days is a Korean kimchee flavored soup. You can probably boil some Japanese-style noodles in chicken (or other) stock and throw some Kimchee in. You can toss in an egg (out of the shell) and let it cook for extra protein.

I'd guess that they'd go easy on you with the pepper. You done good, by the way. Traditionally, you refuse something 3 times. If they're still insisting after that, you better take it. Wrapped gifts are not opened in the presence of the giver.

Brucie's 'thank you' sounds more like "comm sah-HAM knee dah." I think he's speaking with a southern (US) accent.
If you say "AH-zhee(jee)-mah" aferwards - to the older woman, you get extra "Yankee tries to speak our language" points. It sort of means 'missus' or 'madam'. Younger, or un-married women are 'AAH-gah-shee'. (Don't screw this one up, as men are 'AH-dah-shee'.)

Funny...I can remember how to say "yes," "no," "thank you," and "Happy New Year," but not "hello."