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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
20-Jul-04 - 05:52 AM
Thread Name: range of d penny whistle/note problems
Subject: RE: range of d penny whistle/note problems
Leadfingers - if we want to be REALLY PEDANTIC a flageolet is NOT a tin whistle. It is an earlier form of whistle and different variants of it had different arrangement and number of holes. The arrangement which is often quoted has TWO Thumb-holes and four holes for fingers (
And here are some pictures - BLICKY (although I think they are on an auction website, so will probably not be there long).
As for producing specific notes, certain brands of whistle never seem to play true. The ones which do often work on the power of thought. This is particularly true of the three hole tabor pipe, where producing the top notes depends more on thinking what you want the note to sound like more than what fingering you actually cover.
Geoff the Duck.