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Posted By: s6k
20-Jul-04 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: Guitar: Teeny Tiny Fingers
Subject: RE: BS: Teeny Tiny Fingers
think about it... if you have bigger fingers, how is it that BB King is such a legend? his fingers are short and fat, but look how inspiring a player he is!

im not saying you will go out and make bb king look like an amateur, but your fingers shouldnt stop you playing, just get an electric like a strat, or a acoustic that isnt a classical. unless you want to play classical stuff, dont get a classical, the necks are huge, stick with a nice steel string acoustic with thin neck, which is what i have. i also want a flamenco guitar too. but i have a strat and a les paul too.. les pauls have very chunky necks, you should get a thin neck acoustic, or a strat / tele etc.

do not be ruled by your fingers! rise above them and wield your axe!