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Posted By: Bill D
12-Oct-99 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: Why can't we be friends here too? (FSGW)
Subject: RE: Why can't we be friends here too?
FSGW had several advantages, it was in major metropolitan area near LOTS of 'traditional' singers.;it had the Library of Congress near... it was started by some folk with a great deal of knowlege and perseverance, who kept at it and created ways to attract new was started at the 'right' time in the roaring 60s...

this being said, there is no reason why, if you can locate potential members, that it could not be done elsewhere. Bear in mind, what FSGW has done is with volunteers who care...and even WE are having a hard time filling the positions lately!!...We can always find folk to attend a Getaway, but you MUST have someone willing to do the work of putting it together and establishing continuity.

If this project does get going, I'll bet we could find some old hands willing to describe not only some tricks for success, but also some ain't easy, but as you see it can be worth it!