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Posted By: lamarca
12-Oct-99 - 04:53 PM
Thread Name: Why can't we be friends here too? (FSGW)
Subject: RE: Why can't we be friends here too?
Actually, since the FSGW evolved in Our Nation's Capital, we probably have too much bureaucracy...One of the reasons our organization is having a rough time continuing events is that they have become so elaborately planned, military spec'ed, red-taped and arrgghanized that it's hard to find people willing to volunteer to run them anymore.

As the organization grew over the years, so did the amount of planning and work people put into events like our Getaway, the weekly contradances, the monthly programs, the sporadic Special Event concerts and the winter "Mini"Festival (so-called to distinguish it from our June BIG Festival, a 2-day FREE event that takes 6-8 months of planning and work and $25,000-$30,000 to put on...) Now that we're all older and tireder, it's getting harder to maintain these events at the level they "jest growed" to. So my advice on starting a local music gathering is to keep it simple...

signed, A Burnt-Out Former Folk Bureaucrat, now much happier to be an Indian instead of a Chief...