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Posted By: Joe Offer
22-Jul-04 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Req: Miner's Lifeguard Parody (Shanty Singers)
Subject: RE: Req: Miner's Lifeguard Parody (Shanty Singers)
Hi, Steve - take a look at this thread, Gospel Origins, Civil Rights and Labor Songs. Parodies are usually defined as humorous, and these songs usually arent - but they certainly follow the textual structure of the gospel songs that preceded them and don't just borrow a tune. So, are they parodies, or not?
"Miner's Lifeguard" is a particularly interesting case. If you look at the text, it's obvious that it must be based on the old gospel song, "Life's Railway to Heaven" - but it's often sung to a different tune in the UK, Calon Lan; and people in the UK are often unaware of the gospel roots of the song.
But hey, does anybody have the Shanty Singers' parody of this song???? It's probably better to discuss the other stuff in the threads crosslinked at the top of this thread.
-Joe Offer-